1) Is online sports betting covered by the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act?

This has been subject to a great debate, but it has not been clearly determined by the Courts whether or not this is the case.

2) What about the Wire Act of 1961? Does this ban online sports betting?

The Internet as we know it came about in the late 80'/early 90's. Do the math.

3) Can I be arrested for online sports betting?

No. There are no ramifications for betting sports online in the United States

4) Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

You should. Contact a tax professional to figure this out.

5) What is the minimum age for online sports betting?

You have to be 21 in order to bet on sports through this form of online gambling.

Sportsbooks Accepting MoneyLineWallet And USA Players

Prior to the Internet, those who wanted to bet on a sporting event would have to turn to illegal bookies or a trip to Las Vegas. With Online sportsbooks that accept MoneyLineWallet and USA players, this has all changed. The ability to place bets over the Internet has made it so players can enjoy the thrill of the gamble, place wagers on sporting events, and generally have a good time without having to run to another state simply to place a wager. Sports betting is widely regarded as one of the most profitable forms of gambling, as there is less dumb luck involved in betting on sports than casino gaming or online poker.


Who Bets On Sports, And What Types Of Betting Lines Are Available For Wager?

Though online sports betting is best for sports fans, even people who care nothing for sports can participate in the games. Between every major sport, minor sports, and even entertainment and political bets, these online sportsbooks give their players some of the most impressive betting possibilities available. Though there are many betting options available, it is not too difficult to place wagers on specific games, events, and sports. The simple fact is that there is money to be own through these sports betting sites, and American residents are not exempt from joining regardless of which state you live in.

Best MoneyLineWallet Sports Betting Sites For U.S. Players

There are many online sportsbooks out there that do not allow American gamblers, and fewer even accept MoneyLineWallet. We have looked high and low for different sports betting sites that fit both of these conditions, and we have turned up some of the best betting sites around. No matter what you want to bet on, you should have no problems finding them at the sportsbooks we have searched for and documented. MoneyLineWallet users will find that they can enjoy some of the easiest deposits and rapid withdrawals. MoneyLineWallet ultimately lends their players one of the best deposit methods in all of online gambling.

5Dimes Sportsbook - Up To $520 In Bonuses Available

5Dimes is one of the best online sportsbook out there, especially considering their acceptance of MoneyLineWallet. MoneyLineWallet has made it incredibly easy to make deposits into this sportsbook, meaning you will never have trouble betting on sports. They offer betting lines on many events, including those that are not sports. With a $520 welcome package, players can receive a fairly significant amount of cash to take to the betting lines. 5Dimes is easily one of the preferred sports betting sites, and they are clearly one of the most trusted that are available. With the MoneyLineWallet service offering players some of the easiest deposits online, there should never be any issues joining up with 5Dimes. As one of the only online sportsbooks accepting USA players and MoneyLineWallet deposits, 5Dmes is definitely one of the wisest choices available for betting.

MoneyLineWallet Sportsbooks
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